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We are able to replace and restore traditional windows, from overhaul and draft proofing, to complete replacement. This includes re-attachment of sash cords and re-weighing. Our experts can repair and renovate Edwardian windows in heritage properties so as to preserve authenticity, or fit replacement windows chosen to be sympathetic to the architectural style. We can replace single glazed sash windows with double glazing and can also install uPVC sash windows for those who require more energy efficiency and easier maintainance.

To date we have worked on properties large and small across the Ealing area, doing our bit to bring sash windows of all shapes and sizes back to life. In terms of the function of a sash window, when they are able to work properly your property will be so much better insulated and this will benefit the degree to which your property is able to keep warm.

Edwardian Glass Restoration

So often, people are in fact surprised at our ability to help restore sash windows to their original condition. This is by far the most cost effective option. When you invest in this as well coupled with the bespoke draught-proofing system that we build in to our refurbishments you end up with a fully functional window. This means your window is able to work better in terms of its overall heat conservation and noise reduction than before.

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